21 Jun 2019 UnoTelly is a popular service which has been providing site-unblocking Smart DNS and VPN products since 2011. Read more: Privatise 

UnoTelly unblocks a very large number of channels which gives you access to a variety of content including multiple Netflix regions. They support many devices including computers, mobile devices, gaming systems, set-top boxes, and routers. Their setup and channel pages are well designed and they have a large collection of instructional guides to help you get started. 1) UnoTelly is fast – We have used a few different Smart DNS providers before this, only to experience movies hanging halfway through our viewing. At times, we get the perpetual spinning wheel on the TV as the movie on Netflix freezes or gets choppy This hasn’t happen once on UnoTelly, which is exceptional. Review: UnoTelly (smart DNS service to unlock geo restrictions) People reading this blog are probably already familiar with smart DNS services, and geo restrictions in general. For those who are not, let’s summarize: Many streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant video, etc… are restricted to specific regions (very often, but DNS servers in China. Download all 10 valid servers: This list of public and free DNS servers is checked continuously. Read how to change your DNS server settings. CSV; Plaintext ; JSON; IP Address Location AS Number Software / Version Checked Status Reli

16 Apr 2015 To use services like UnoTelly, you have to change the DNS settings on the device you want to use for streaming. The company makes it easy to 

3 giu 2020 UnoTelly è un servizio generico di DNS e VPN che si concentra sulla protezione della privacy e sull'aiutare gli utenti a bypassare le censure ed 

UnoTelly Pricing. Comparing the subscription rates with the services provided by UnoTelly, you get a UnoTelly premium package in $4.99/month and gold package in $7.99/month. In gold package you get UnoVPN service that lets you access to channels that are not yet available through the DNS service. Still the subscription rates are quite low as

It sounds like the service he's using might be UnoTelly. Their FAQ has an entry for how it works, but it's not very enlightenning: UnoTelly DirectDNS, like its name   5 Feb 2016 PayPal has stopped accepting payments for Canadian outfit UnoTelly—a provider of VPN and SmartDNS services—because these might be  16 Oct 2016 I use a smart DNS service (Unotelly) in order to be able to change regions. However, my ISP has poor bandwidth to all international locations,