Once Ares Wizard open, click on the option that says Tweaks on the menu above and go to Advanced Settings Wizard option, select Next. Click on Generate Settings, the settings that you get are recommended by Ares Wizard for enhanced buffering. Then you can click on Apply These Settings, exit Ares Wizard and restart Kodi with fast buffering

However, with the new Ares Wizard update, the only options provided are those that can help with Kodi Buffering and maintenance. By using Ares Wizard, you can clear your cache and other things for smooth playback within Kodi. Ares Wizard also provides a handy ram detection tool that will automatically adjust your Kodi cache. This is something You will see “Enable HQ scalers for scaling above”, to the far right on the same line, click the down-facing V to reduce the scaling to 15% or %10. If this works then, High-Quality scaling was the cause of your buffering issues. #7 Using Clear Cache to Fix Buffering on Kodi. This is one other cause of buffering when streaming content on Launch the Ares Wizard once you see Ares Wizard installed message. Click on the Tweaks button in the top menu and go to ‘Advanced Settings’ Wizard button and then click ‘Next.’ Click on the ‘Generate Settings’ button and further click to ‘Apply these settings’ button. Exit Ares Wizard. Restart Kodi. Stop Kodi Buffering With How to Fix Buffering Issues on Kodi. Kodi is an open-source online streaming application that is meeting current day needs of all the users who are craving for a distortion-free online streaming of live sports, movies, TV serials, and shows, etc. this application offers an amazing alternative to streaming live music, videos and images right on a personal computer, Macbook, in addition to

12/10/2017 · Latest Ares Wizard URl \r\rIn this short video I will show you how you can use the Ares Wizard program add-on to fix buffering and freezing issues.\r\rEasiest Way to Setup Your KODI Build - Using Preconfigured Builds \r\r\rBackup & Restore Your KODI Build with the Ares Wizard - Step by Step Guide \r\rDo Kodi users need a VPN service?

Now it has become a pure maintenance add-on dealing with updates and buffering. How do you install Ares Wizard on Kodi. Now that you know about Ares Wizard and what it brings to the table for Kodi, it’s time to install it. Follow the step-by-step procedure discussed below and you understand how to put Ares wizard on KODI. Ares Wizard to Fix Kodi Buffering Issues. Now navigate to Tweaks -> Advanced Settings Wizard and follow the prompts and advice provided. Following points are advised to the user: Ideal cache settings depend on the device Kodi is running on. Most of the time, the ideal cache location is your device’s RAM. Kodi uses 60 MB of RAM by default. If your device has a lot more RAM available than this Ares Wizard is all in one tool that contains Kodi Builds, Kodi Addons, Tweak Tools, Maintenance Tools and so on. It was released in back 2015, 5 years from today which was developed by some people called Ares Group. After getting too much fame this got shutdown because some legal action was taken against the developer that’s why they just quite its development. 29/03/2017

The Log Viewer for Kodi is an addon which allows the Kodi users to check which location, file or dependency is causing the problem. With the help of the Log Viewer, you can fix the problem by following any of the three methods in this blog. Before that, let’s follow the steps given below to install the Log Viewer addon.

2 Mar 2020 We provide fixes to all Kodi buffering issues which will speed up your Kodi. repository that you can use to clear Kodi cache is Ares wizard. Last van KODI buffer problemen op je Android tv box? Kies de Ares Wizard zip file en wacht tot de 'installatie voltooid' popup verschijnt rechts onderin je  This can help with intermittent network issues, buffering, reduce how long the network is tied up, and sometimes improve battery life. Note: Even if you change